Winthrop Winter Triathlon

Athlete: Erika Enloe

Date: March 3, 2013

Morning of race was sunny, crisp and WINDY!!  The wind was gusting out of the Northwest and knocking over the directional signs up and down the course.  It was a factor all day.  Made the decision to layer up a bit more and decided to wear my heavier gloves on the bike.  Wore ski boots for the bike portion, but had no over-booties.  Brrrrrrr.  No ice or snow on the road, so I knew that with the down-wind start, everyone would go out fast.  Took my gu about 5 minutes before the start. Gun went off at 9am.

Bike was 12 miles…or so…I think…

As usual, I ended up in my own lonely space, with the leaders way out in front (Rocky, etc.) and many far behind.  I was happy to realize that I was in my big ring and comfortable with good speed.  As I completed the last mile or so of the first 1/2 of the bike leg,  a big guy cam up from behind me.  I got on his wheel and drafted a bit.  As we made the turn into the wind, we agreed to take turns in front and went all the way back to the transition area with this strategy.  I think it was good for both of us.  I know it was good for me.  We reeled in two bikers.  Did not get a split for this section.

Ski was I think 8 miles total…

Transition to skis went pretty well.  Changed to lighter gloves, grabbed a drink (nuun, lemon lime), and took off.  Tried to remember to not go out too fast and build over the length over the course.  Down-wind was fast and I tried to use the wind and relax and let it help me along.  We did a 2 lap figure 8 course on the flat, so another ‘fast’ leg.  Against the wind was brutal, and a couple of times I got into the tracks and double poled for a bit thinking that I was more stream-lined in that position…just tried to not blow up.

Run 4.6 miles (I think)

Transition to run went pretty well.  Alison helped me get my boots off (my fingers were so cold!!!), and I put on my water belt (nuun) and off I went.  I looked at my watch at this point and it was 10:23. I was just thinking about getting into a good groove and hitting a pace I could maintain.  Course was out and back on the road due to soft trail conditions.  So I couldn’t tell really where I was in relation to the other women.  I knew there was a girl ahead of me that was on a team, and as I neared the turn-a-round, I saw another woman heading in.  Didn’t know if she was solo or team…seemed like she would have had to be as fast a biker as Rocky to have been a solo in that position, but you just never know, right???  So, I kept pushing mentally to not slow down.  I managed the hills around the turn-a-round and noticed that there was a woman behind me.  Again, didn’t know her ability, and didn’t want to be in 3rd potentially, so I kept pushing.  As I headed back toward the finish (with the wind in my face) I started just telling myself to keep my pace steady, breathe, and take the rest of the course in small bits.  I was going from power pole to power pole.  I began to feel the finish getting closer and the nuun coming up into my throat.  Yikes, my stomach was really not happy.  As I came around the final corner, I began to vomit, and as is now my tradition, fell to my hands and knees at the finish line and barfed up all the nuun that was in my gut.  There is no prouder moment for a racer than the glow of public regurgitation.

Total time: 2:09:39

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