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It has been a while since I last updated what has been going on at SET Coaching.  Lets just say a lot!  Not going to be able to list everything but here are a few of the highlights that have taken place over the last couple of months with SET Coaching Athletes:

1. Stephen Ettinger.  Where to start.  Stephen was recently chosen by USA Cycling to be one of the six U23 MTB riders to attend a 2 week cycling camp in Europe.  This was a huge learning experience for Stephen as he was able to mix it up with the Europeans as well as get used to the pace that is set at that level of racing. 

As if that wasn’t enough Stephen got the call a couple of weeks ago from the development director of USA cycling’s MTB division inviting him to race some of the World Cups!  This is another huge leap for Stephen.  Not only is this a great oportunity for him but it also shows that USA Cycling recognizes his potential.  We are now getting Stephen ready for his trip by fine tuning his fitness and looking for additional support. 

To top this all off Stephen recently competed at U23 Nationals finishing 3rd!  This is a huge confidence booster for him.  He is still just 20 years old and has a couple more years in this division.  I know Stephen has the potential to go as far as he wants but this results helped give him the knowledge that he has that potential.  Great Job Stephen!

2008 amateur world xterra champion Keri Gross has continued to lay waste to the field in the regional XTERRA races.  Her last regional was a testament to her great fitness as she won the event as well as setting a PR on the La Grande course by 5 min. Keri has been working on her run and has made great strides in this department.  During the Receint XTERRA National in Vermont Keri, who normally has a crushing bike, was a little off the pace having not riden on that type of terrain made up great lengths by laying down the fastest amateur run and finishing 10th overall in the women’sfield!  With 4 kids and having just taken up triathlons a few years ago, Keri still has a long way to go until she reaches her peak.  Look Out!

That’s all for now.  I hope to be updating more frequently.  Look for photos on the photos page soon showing some of SET Coaching athletes in action.

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