Hourly Rate
This is a great option for athletes wanting to meet once or twice for general direction and training ideas.
Bike fits, heart rate zone tests, and graded exercise tests fall into this category.
This type of consultation is $75/hour.

Sport Coaching Package
This option allows a client to work on a customized training program with a SET Coaching Associate Coach.
The Sport Coaching Package also includes:

  • Field testing (client administered) every six to eight weeks
  • An updated customized training plan every week
  • 4 weekly email correspondences, coach will return e-mails within 24 hours
  • Tutorial on heart rate training with training levels provided

Cost: Initial set-up fee of $205and $175/month thereafter.
The set-up fee will be waived if client establishes a prepaid six-month training program.

Expert Coaching Package
This allows for more in-depth analysis of your work and progress.  Work With Coach Jason on establishing your goals and the road map to achieve them.
The Expert Coaching Package includes:

  • Field or lab testing (coach administered upon client availability) every 6 to 8 weeks
  • An updated customized training plan every week with option of revamping or changing plan weekly.
  • Client has ability to ask for changes because of personal schedule on a weekly basis.
  • 3 email contacts per week.
  • Coach will return emails within 24 hours unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Weekly personal phone evaluation as well as 1 weekly phone call client initiated.
  • Coach will return phone calls within 24 hours unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Tutorial on heart rate/wattage training with training levels provided

Cost: Initial set-up fee of $295 and $250/per month thereafter.
The set-up fee will be waived if client establishes a six-month pre-paid training program.

Elite Coaching Package

Are you using some of the latest technology out there and want to incorperate it into your training.  Running, Heart Rate, and wattage files are now some of the best tools for training.  These will help your coach more closely track your workouts and provide feedback. Includes all of the Expert services as well as:

  • Weekly analysis of Wattage and/or HR files
  • Discounts on custom bike fitting services , personal run evaluation and analysis as well as swim analysis.
  • Coach will return calls within 12 hrs unless other arrangements have been made.

Cost: Initial set up fee of $325 an $300/per month thereafter.
Requires a six month commitment.

Pro Coaching Package

This is It!  If you are looking for the best coaching package available look no further.  The Pro Package provides daily feedback and evaluation of your training plan.  Day to day plans are e-mailed to the client while the client provides feedback to the coach to determine the next days training plan.  Close monitoring, personal contact and evaluation are all at their peak with the Pro Package.  Pro Coaching Package includes all the services of the Elite package as well as:

  • Daily e-mail or phone contact with the coach (phone calls limited to once daily unless other arrangements have been made)
  • Dialy evaluation of training files to help determine progress and next days training plan.
  • discounts with SET Coaching affiliates.
  • Discount on training session with Coach dependant upon client availability. Discipline chosen by client.

Cost: Initial set up fee of $450 and $400 per month thereafter.

12 Week Personal Training Program
If you are very self motivated and are looking for some specific direction to compete or participate at your personal best in a specific event, we can create a program just for you.
Personal training program includes:

  • Graded exercise test or field test to establish training parameters
  • Personal 12-week training schedule catered to your training needs
  • Goal setting session
  • Establish fitness objectives
  • Establish training levels using heart rate or wattage
  • Creation of peak fitness level on specific dates

Cost: one-time fee of $375

Video Analysis and Bike Fitting Services

SET Coaching is partnered with Black Diamond Sports Therapy in order to offer premium analysis services.  We offer Dartfish video analysis, Retul bike fitting services, Lactate profile analysis, as well as many other tools to help you achieve your best in cycling, running, swimming, or whatever your sport may be.  Jason is a BikeFit Certified as well as having attended many other clinics and seminars related to fitting and performance analysis.  We constantly strive to stay on the cutting edge of sports performance and analysis.  Please contact jason@setcoaching.com or at Black Diamond Sports Therapy 509-663-7733