Results from the Leavenworth Hammer Fest Trail run

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Leavenworth Hammer Fest on May 17th! 

Standing for the overall series in the long course race:

(the fewer points you accumulate the better you are doing.  You accumulate points by your overall place in your perspective category. ie. male or female category).

Mens division

1st place: Adam Vognild (4 points)

2nd place: Greg Harnish & Terry Richards (tie with 7 points each)

3rd place: Peter Collier (10 points)

Women’s Division:

1st place: Selina Denko & Niki Stewart(Tied with 4 points)

3rd place: Gwen Witten


Marlene Ferrell                    43:21

Adam Vognild                       43:40

Greg Harnish                          45:37

Terry Richards                      46:03

Selina Danko                           48:08

Todd Walsh                              49:40

Rob Whitten                            51:17

Niki Stewart                            52:36

Barb Kelly Ringel                   56:52

Brian Travis                             57:44

Craig Root                                 59:53

Dane Collier                              1:00:20

Peter Collier                             1:02:30

Erika Enloe                                1:03:54

Gwen Whitten                           1:03:54

5K run run and walk

Jake Whitten                            23:25

Rachel Scharf                           25:18

Christie Young                         26:59

Katie Whitten                            27:34

Jesus Zapin                                28:38

Joleen Ervin                             28:56

Denise McKay                          29:24

Michelle Rhyner                     30:02

Renee Monson                         30:02

Kim Witherspoon                    30:40

Lisa Witkowski                          33:04

John Fischer                             35:44

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